How to improve the potency of a man: methods and drugs.

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With age, almost all men face erectile dysfunction. Therefore, many are trying to figure out how to improve potency, because such a problem turns into a real tragedy for the stronger sex. The causes of rape can be alcohol abuse, stress, psychological disorders, etc.

The ability to carry out full sexual intimacy, which is characterized by the rapidity of the onset of an erection and the length of the time interval for its preservation, reflects the indicators of the norm of sexual potency. Its imbalance can affect the male body in any age range, which is associated with the impact of various negative phenomena.

The instability of the potency can have temporary manifestations, appearing and disappearing by itself, or have a stable form during a long interval. How to increase potency in men naturally? To this end, you can try to independently improve your own erection indicators, using recommendations to restore male well-being.

Home treatment rules

Before resorting to any manipulation, you need to remember a number of rules. Without its observance, a positive result is almost impossible. Experts give the following recommendations:

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  1. Regular sexual intercourse. Male genitalia need "training. "A man should avoid withdrawal for too long, as this can contribute to the premature development of erectile dysfunction.
  2. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. These infections are characterized by a very rapid and sudden development. The analyzes will help detect violations. But often men are ashamed of such problems and carry the infection to an advanced stage.
  3. A balanced diet is one of the main components of an effective impotence treatment. Properly crafted nutritional regimen increases libido and potency. The food eaten should contain as much phosphorus as possible; This substance is very important for men's health. Another important element is zinc. It is he who participates in the production of testosterone. The lack of this compound in a man's body affects the potency and quality of sperm.
  4. Rejection of addictions. Drinking alcohol and smoking adversely affect potency status. Some people believe that a glass of good wine improves potency in men, but this opinion is incorrect. For example, in case of inflammation of the prostate, experts generally do not recommend drinking beverages that contain alcohol.
  5. Normalization of body weight. Extra pounds can also negatively affect potency. It is recommended to start each morning with a correct and vigorous exercise. You can also go to the gym.
  6. Normal sleep allows the body to recover from a hard day. Constant lack of sleep, weakness, and fatigue have a detrimental effect on erectile function. After a day of work, you should definitely have a good rest.

By following these recommendations, you can reduce your risk of developing impotence. You should also follow the medical recommendations, because the doctor knows very well what to take to improve potency.

Natural forms

These techniques are intended not only to normalize potency, but are also intended to strengthen and enhance a man's entire body. In this case, experts advise a special set of physical exercises that can strengthen the pubic muscles associated with an erection. Every day you can do the following exercises to increase power:

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  1. Pelvic rotation. Extend your legs to the sides, your hands should be on the belt. You need to rotate your pelvis for ten minutes.
  2. Walk in a place with your knees up. Ideally, the kneecaps should reach the belly.
  3. Raise the pelvis in a supine position (on the back).
  4. "A bicycle". For this exercise, you must lie on your back and rotate your legs in the air, as if you were pedaling a bicycle.
  5. Tension / relaxation of the coccygeal-pubic muscle.

In addition to exercising, it is advisable to supplement the diet with some nutritious foods. They improve erections keeping them in good shape. Men need to eat:

  • Garlic;
  • honey;
  • Beans;
  • walnuts;
  • carrot;
  • chocolate.

A diet with these foods can be a great way to improve potency without drugs. If you are allergic to a particular product, it is better to refuse it. If problems have already arisen, then you need to see a doctor.

The benefits of water

For men's health, a contrast shower before bed is helpful. Such procedures have a positive effect on blood circulation in the pelvic area and strengthen the entire body.

When increasing the temperature difference, it should not be forgotten that at first too sharp changes can bring not only benefits, but also harm. A visit to the bathhouse and sauna also has a beneficial effect on potency.

The ice cube technique is quite effective. They should be wrapped in gauze, which is folded two or three times. Such compresses should be applied for two to three minutes. It is best to start from the head, working gently down to the scrotum.

Home remedies

In the traditional medicine field, there are many good recipes to help revive an erection. The most famous methods include:

  1. walnuts and honey. It is not difficult to make a potion. The ingredients must be mixed in the same quantity. For maximum effect and increase male strength, the composition can be drunk with milk.
  2. Carrot cocktail with honey.
  3. Cabbage juice can also normalize potency.
  4. Pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, and maple twigs can be used to make potent herbal teas and infusions.

You need to be very careful when using home remedies. The most rational solution is to consult a doctor.

The main rule is to get used to the correct way of life forever. If the problem has already appeared, then it should be solved with an integrated approach, and the most effective ways to improve potency should be chosen. You can use folk remedies or modern pharmaceutical preparations.